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Sod God turf and sod instillation for new Jersey

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premium bermuda and St. Augustine sod and turf from sod god


Our easy-to-maintain, signature boron & iron-infused formula gives your lawn a boost of nutrients like no other!


You can expect beautiful results in as little as 7-10 days after instillation 


Once your lawn is all grown in expect perks that only Sod God can provide like pest control and low maintenance

Shop sod god to get everything for your sod and turf needs

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We are working hard to stock the best lawn care items, check back again soon. Thanks!

Get an easy and free estimate online or in person from sod god's turf and sod experts of new jersey

Let us deliver the lawn that you've been dreaming of!

Our team of sod & turf specialists are happy to provide knowledgeable recommendations on what would work best for you and your property and address any questions. 


Don't forget to ask about our other lawn and garden services like weekly landscaping to

seasonal clean-up and more.

About sod god turf and sod expertise

Meet Cosmo

Cosmo is the CEO of Sod God. With a landscaping
company of his own and a background in design, Cosmo
is up on all the latest sod, turf, and lawn care solutions.
Like any good designer, Cosmo takes into account the
unique needs of each property, what each customer wants, and his own expert discretions to create a lush lawn that will be the envy of the neighbor AND easy to care for. His ability to balance what is wanted and what best suits the project is unmatched and has allowed him to make Cosmo Landscaping one of the best lawn care companies in the Northern New Jersey area. Now you can have the same expertise delivered to your door. 

Sod God's recent sod and turf instillations in the northern new jersey area
Contact sod god for your sod and turf needs in paramus new jersey

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(551) 755 2035

Sod God st augustine sod instillation and best lawn care products in nothern new jersey
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